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15th Dec 2018

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season six trailer teases new cast member

Wil Jones

Is this Gina’s replacement?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns next month, with the cop sitcom moving to its new home of NBC.

After being saved from cancellation, the new network are making a big song and dance about the new season.

Last week, we got an absolutely brilliant Die Hard-themed trailer

Now we have another promo, giving us a look at the new series proper. It’s not very long, though it does include one interesting point: a title card flashes up promising “New Faces”.

That’s followed by a brief scene where Jake and Gina meet actor Mario Lopez, who appears to be playing himself – Lopez is, of course, best known for playing AC Slater in wonderfully-crap early 90s sitcom Saved By The Bell.

This could just be a one episode cameo, but that title card suggests it might be more. Plus, it has been announced that Chelsea Peretti, who plays Gina Linetti, is leaving the show. Could Lopez be her replacement? (Which would be weird if he playing himself).

Anyway, the full Brooklyn Nine-Nine trailer is here:

Season six of Brooklyn Nine-Nine starts on January 10th on NBC in America. It’s still not confirmed when and how it’ll hit the UK, but it is likely to be on E4 again.

We do however know that season five will be hitting Irish Netflix at the start of 2019.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled by Fox in May, but after much outcry, it was quickly picked up for another season by NBC.