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19th Oct 2016

People are bidding ludicrous amounts of money for Justin Bieber’s used milk glass

This is just daft...

Matt Tate

How much of your hard-earned cash would you be willing to part with in exchange for a glass the seller assured you had very recently been used by one Justin Bieber?

Couple of quid? It’s a good conversation starter. Fiver maybe? Sell it to your sister and double your money?

What about, oh, let’s say £66,000?

That’s the astronomical figure currently topping the bidding war on eBay, after 22-year-old Biebs reportedly visited The Kings Oak Hotel in Essex for a bite to eat (and some milk).

Since putting the glass on the auctioning site, the pub’s assistant manager Amy has received 86 bids, and the top one at the time of writing stands at £65,900.00. The minimum bid required was £10.

The description reads: “I work at the kings oak hotel where Justin bieber was seen yesterday having dinner and we kept his milk glass, it hasn’t been washed!”

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Speaking to The Mirror: about the popstar’s visit to the pub, Amy said:

“We saw these body guards outside and joked ‘imagine if that was Justin Bieber’ and then it was him.”

“I was thinking ‘oh my God, what is he doing in this quiet pub in the middle of nowhere? Luckily I had stayed on a bit longer because he walked in when I was about to go at the end of my shift.”

“He was really nice and chilled and was asking about us. We had a general chat about ice hockey and we told him some ghost stories because the pub is haunted – he stayed for about an hour.”

“We get a lot of Towie and local celebs like Danny Dyer but no-one anywhere near as big as Justin Bieber.”

But the Sorry singer was on his way once a local asked him for a picture, presumably knowing that his whereabouts being posted online would invite a stampede of Beliebers.

She added: “It was nice and quiet for him, he was chilled out and having his meal but then he had to move on because if a picture gets on social media you’ll have hundreds of kids there and he gave us all a hug.”

She said she only put the glass on eBay ‘for a laugh’, but if the bid is legitimate, well, pints of milk on Amy we reckon.