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11th Feb 2016

One More Important Character Has Been Confirmed For Gilmore Girls

Great News!

Laura Holland

Yessss, all three of Rory’s exes are on board for the show. 

Last night it was confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia, aka bad boy Jess, would be taking part in the reboot and now Jared Padalecki, Rory’s first love Dean, has signed up.


E Online have confirmed the news and we could not be more delighted.

We already knew that the reboot would be set eight years after the original series, with a single Rory back in Stars Hollow. Now that all three of her previous love interests are back on board who knows what kind of love triangle or square will form.

Now, all we need is Melissa Mc Carthy to reprise her role as Sookie. Apparently, they never even asked her to come back. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?