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27th May 2020

5 reasons why we need more videos of Doireann Garrihy’s new puppy immediately

Anna Daly


He really is a shining light in this dark time.

Overreaction, you say? Well, we think not.

Just yesterday, you may have seen that Doireann Garrihy uploaded a video of her new puppy, Bertie, having his bath. And it turned out to be the cutest video we’ve seen this year.

She received this little ball of fur for her birthday just over a week ago and we instantly wished that we had the mini madra keeping us company during lockdown too.

So, as an attempted substitute, we’re trying to convince Doreann Garrihy to gives us daily videos of her little pup so that we, too, can revel in his cuteness each day.

To help make this happen, we’ve come up with five reasons why we absolutely NEED to see Bertie on a very regular basis.

1. He’s adorable

Well, it’s the most obvious and, arguably, most important reason. Look at his face, look at his little paws, look at his eyes, look at his teensy tiny tail! We’ve been seeing puppies our entire lives and we’re still not quite able to handle them. We turn into babbling, inarticulate creatures whenever we’re presented with a dog that’s under the age of two (and it doesn’t get much better with older dogs either, tbh).

2. He likes baths

Seriously, what dog likes the bath? Obviously the best dogs. The dogs we need to be seeing more of. And maybe we can show Bertie enjoying the bath to our dogs and then they’ll stop acting like the bath is our own personal torture device for them. We’re sorry, pups, we’re just trying to get you clean.

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He was wagging his tail under water, of course my speaking voice went up 5 octaves ? #Bertie #merdog ?‍♀️?♥️

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3. He’s got tiny spots on his nose that are insanely cute

Look at them! They look like little dog freckles. We can’t.

4. We saw a hint of that head-turning thing puppies do and we need more of it

Take a little look at the very beginning of that video. Bertie seems to be tilting his head a little to the side. Now, if there’s one thing we absolutely can’t handle, it’s that head tilt that puppies do when they’re trying to figure out what’s going on. They look so confused and helpless and loveable. And if tiny little Bertie is doing that, we need to see it.

5. Puppies are happiness and we need more happiness right now 

It’s not the easiest time for people right now. The world is in a messy situation and people are trying to find the best way of coping with things, however that may be. Every day, we’re given pieces of bad news, we hear worrying news from elsewhere in the globe, and we can’t even meet up with friends for a coffee to chat about it. Yes, the restrictions are easing up, and that’s great. But until we’re back to normal, we need to find things that make us happy and looking at puppies is one of those things.

So, Doireann, if you see this, feel free to post about little Bertie as much as you want. Please.