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09th Jun 2014

Mick Jagger Slammed By L’Wren Scott’s Sister For ‘Moving On’ With New Woman

The 70-year-old was spotted at a hotel with a brunette in Zurich.


Mick Jagger has come under fire from the sister of ex-girlfriend L’Wren Scott after being spotted with a new woman in Switzerland last week.

The Rolling Stones frontman has kept a low profile since Scott’s suicide three months ago but was photographed last week on a hotel balcony with a mystery brunette.

It’s understood that Jagger spent two days with the woman after meeting her in a nightclub in Zurich and sources have said that the 70-year-old has been “drowning his sorrows” in other women since losing his partner of 13 years.

“Of course Mick is still sad over L’Wren but he is working through it and trying to move on with his life. Yes, he had a fling – he’s a red-blooded man for goodness sake – but it’s nice to see him enjoying life again. He’s on the mend.”

“Some men drown their sorrow in drink. Mick doesn’t drink much but he drowns his sorrows in women. He has reverted back to his old ways. This is how he deals with things, even in his 70s. Through good times and bad, the thing that never changes is Mick’s love for women. Sex is like a coping mechanism for him.”


However, Jagger has been heavily criticised by Scott’s sister Jan Shane, who said the notorious womaniser would “never change”.

“And people wonder why L’Wren was so depressed?”

“These pictures make me really wonder what Mick is really thinking and feeling. His daughter says that he is still heartbroken and so devastated about losing my sister. And then you see these photos – he will never change.”