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28th Aug 2018

Love Island’s Adam Collard just blasted Rosie Williams on Instagram and she’s NOT happy


Denise Curtin

Is this pair still bickering?

It appears so.

We ALL remember how heated things got between Adam and Rosie in the villa… I mean, who could forget? When Rosie strutted off on Adam after he revealed he was basically bored of her, she dropped her now famous line “go find yourself another bombshell because this one’s leaving”. Epic.

And although the pair seem to be very happy apart, with Adam now dating the Islander he left Rosie for (Zara McDermott), it appears he still can’t help himself but to poke a dig at the star.

Sharing a snap on a boat yesterday, Rosie wrote:

“She is never bored – just restless between adventures…”


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To which Adam then commented underneath saying:

“Could’ve said the same about my time in the villa…”

Oh dear.

But it doesn’t end there, nope. Rosie replied.

“Very true, I’m sure you’ll rest when you’re dead darling… don’t worry!”


Zara too joined in trying to soften the blow by tagging the two of them writing “FFS” followed by laughing faces however, we feel no laughing was done here and as Zara was in the crossfire when the couple parted ways in the villa… maybe she’s not the best option to diffuse the heat.

Drama, eh?