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25th Mar 2022

Louise Thompson died and came “back to life” after traumatic birth

Kat O'Connor

Louise Thompson has opened up about her son’s traumatic birth.

The mum said she died and came back to life after she gave birth to her baby boy Leo.

Speaking about the harrowing experience, she said she is now suffering from a lot of health-related anxiety.

The former Made In Chelsea star said she had multiple medical appointments to get through today but was feeling anxious.

She explained that she has recently been “stuck between a rock and a hard place”.

Louise said she has a lot of black staining between her teeth and gums, but she wanted to get it fixed.

She said it has been stressing her out every time she looks in the mirror.

“I was immobile in hospital for weeks so rarely brushed.

“I was also on antibiotics for over two months which can also have an effect on your teeth too… but obviously I jumped to the conclusion that I have leukemia because it can affect your mouth and your gums.”

“These are some of the more minor inconveniences you have to live with when you die and miraculously come back to life,” Louise shared.

Louise admitted she was shocked to hear so many women suffered traumatic births, but she felt like using her platform to raise awareness was important.

Previously, Louise revealed she was suffering from PTSD.

“I’ve been too scared to post about how I’m feeling because I’m not even close to feeling like a normal person yet.

“I’ve had to block out any health-related content to protect myself.

“I have come to terms with the fact that my life might never be the same again,” she said.

“But things honestly can’t get any worse than they’ve been so hopefully, I’m at the beginning of my actual recovery.

Louise hopes that by sharing her experiences she hopes to make other mums keep going.