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07th Nov 2014

Lily Allen Opens Up About Coping With The News That Her Son Was Stillborn

"I was very fortunate in the sense that I have a loving partner to go home to."


Lily Allen has opened up this week about the pain and heartbreak she suffered following the birth of her baby boy in 2010 who was stillborn.

The popular singer (29) discussed the painful time in her life with Jonathan Ross and spoke of how supportive her partner, Sam Cooper has been.

“I think it’s difficult for anybody, regardless of what world they live in and actually what I took home from that experience was… Even though it was the most unfortunate thing that can ever happen to a person, I was very fortunate in the sense that I have a loving partner to go home to and share that experience with.

“There are many women – there are 17 stillbirths in the UK everyday – that go home and they don’t have that support, they have to go home and deal with that on their own so I am kind of in a bit of a – since that happened – in a count my blessing scenario rather than feeling sorry for myself,” she continued.

lily allen
Lily pictured during the interview with Jonathan Ross. (Pics: Brian J Ritchie/Rex)

Lily previously suffered a miscarriage three years before the stillbirth, but now has two little daughters Ethel (3) and Marnie (22 months). The singer also revealed that she hopes to have a boy.

She then hit out at social media users who had claimed that she was a bad mother and abandoned her children, saying that just because she doesn’t splash pictures of them all over social media and keeps them away from the eyes of the cameras, does not make her a bad mother.