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07th Aug 2018

Congrats! Leona Lewis is engaged and her ring is an absolute STUNNER

Rebecca O'Keeffe

leona lewis

The couple have been together for eight years.

Congrats are in order on this sunny Tuesday morning lads!

The gorgeous Leona Lewis is engaged to her long term bae, Dennis Jauch, after eight years of dating.


The singer posted a number of stories from Puerto Rico on her Instagram, where the couple are currently holidaying.

leona lewis

Said stories allowed Leona to show off her STUNNING engagement ring.

The couple met back in 2010, when Dennis was working as a backup dancer for Leona’s tour.

After three years of dating, Leona was already talking about settling down with the dancer.

“Things with Dennis are going really good. We haven’t talked about marriage yet. It is something I want to do at some point. I did want to get married in my 20s.”

leona lewis

“That was always a weird thing for me. I was always like, ‘I am going to get married in my 20s!’ But now I’m like ‘No, no, no. I’m not ready!”

“I feel like you think you are going to be ready but then you get to your late 20s and you’re not ready.”

The gorge couple celebrated their eighth anniversary last week, with Dennis taking to social media to praise his now-fiancée.

“It’s been the most beautiful 8 years of my life with this incredible human being. Here’s to many more beautiful memories”.

So sweet! Congrats you guys.


Leona Lewis