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25th Nov 2022

Lauren Graham shares who she thinks Rory’s baby daddy is

Lauren Graham has spoken out about that famous storyline.

Lauren Graham has opened up about who is the father of Rory’s baby in Gilmore Girls.

The actress, who played Rory’s mum Lorelai on the show, opened up about the show’s major cliffhanger.

During the Gilmore Girls revival, Rory tells her mum she’s pregnant, but nobody knows who the father is.

In the final scene, Rory turns to her mum and says: “Mom?” “Yeah?” “I’m pregnant.”

And then the show ended.

Fans have been trying to figure out who the father is since the show ended, but have had no confirmation yet.

Could it be Logan? Rory’s former long-term boyfriend and now the man she’s having an affair with? Or could it be her childhood love Jess? Or is it Paul, the unfortunate boyfriend she constantly forgot about?

Well, it looks like Lauren Graham believes Logan is the father.

In her new book, ‘Have I Told You This Already?’ Graham opens up about the famous Gilmore Girls storyline.

Graham writes;

“Amy hasn’t told me any of this, but if I had to guess, I think Logan is the father even though it could also be fun if it’s the Wookiee.”

“But no matter who the father is, I think the baby is a girl whose name is another permutation of Lorelai; I’m going to go with Lola.”

Who do you think Rory’s baby’s father is? We’re rooting for Jess, obviously.