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29th Jul 2015

Katie Hopkins Reveals She Will Undergo Open-Brain Surgery Later This Year

"I'm just scared."

Katie Hopkins has revealed she will undergo brain surgery later in the year to combat epilepsy.

The controversial television personality told Now! magazine that her condition only affects her at night but she is due to undergo the major surgery due to the number of seizures she is experiencing.

“During the surgery, I have to talk and move my left hand and left leg while they’re operating – because where they go in [to the brain] is near those things. So that’s a fear, but it’s only a physical fear, so I need to man up a bit.”


Hopkins has riled many with her opinions but she spoke out to show that her life isn’t as rosy as it may appear.

She added that she would complete her current television commitments before going ahead with the risky operation.

“There are many risks with it [the surgery], so I’ll get the show out of the way first. Sometimes people imagine my life is like, ‘ta-dah!’, but everyone has their things and this is mine,” she said.

“That’s OK, though. It’ll be OK. Can you hear how many times I keep telling myself it’ll be OK? It will be OK. I’m just scared of that moment when I’m talking and I know my brain is exposed. It’s like, ‘F**k!”