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15th Apr 2014

Gone In 60 Seconds… Mairead Farrell

Marty Morrissey, Hob Nobs and short hemlines.


From her regular gig as Ray D’Arcy’s sidekick to fronting RTE’s Celebrity Bainisteoir, Mairead Farrell is one of Ireland’s best-know female presenters and this week, she took a minute to have a chat to about her love for Marty Morrissey, Hob Nobs and short hemlines.

Tell us one surprising thing about you.

I did piano lessons all the way up to Grade 6

What is the most embarrassing thing that you’ve ever done?

Walked in on my boss while he was in the jacks…and screamed!

If you could delete someone’s entire existence, who would it be?

Mr Cadbury…if only he didn’t create such tasty wonders.

Which trait do you most love and hate about yourself?

I love that I’m patient. It’s needed in my job and as a mum, it’s needed in bucket loads! I hate that sometimes I can too patient and allow a situation get too bad before I’ll act on it.

Who would be your four perfect dinner party guests?

Roger Federer, Louis (my other half), Marty Morrissey and Katy Perry (I’d look after the sing song because Katy is shite live but seems pretty sound).

What’s the worst chat-up line that you’ve ever used?

I can honestly say I’ve never ever chatted a guy up…I’ve flirted (too many times) but never used a line on a guy.

What is your favourite biscuit and why?

Chocolate covered Hob Nob and a cup of tea. Heaven, followed by lots of guilt

Which Irish celebrity do you secretly fancy?

Roz Purcell…she gets me hot under the collar and Amy Huberman too, although I don’t think they are secret crushes. Maybe Andrew Trimble, he seems to be stealing the ‘dreamboat’ crown from the Kearney brothers.

If you could live in any era, which one would you choose and why?

The 60s. The music, the short hemlines (I’ve good pins) and the hair dos. Love it all.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs… but I do like a cute kitten too!

If you were to take the team for dinner, where would we go?

Exchequer Bar – great food, central and the cocktails are YUM.