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15th Aug 2023

Fans question shoulder injury as Kim Kardashian snapped outside plastic surgery office


The Kardashian family have long been accused of going under the knife.

Kim Kardashian, 42, has been accused of trying to hide her ‘new plastic surgery’ by announcing that she recently suffered a broken bone.

The media mogul was allegedly spotted making her way towards the office of noted cosmetic surgeon Dr. Diamond’s office last week.

However, her attire has led some to speculate on whether she may have been trying to fly under the radar.

Kim was spotted wearing a black zip-up hoodie, complete with a make-up free face and Louis Vuitton handbag.

The Kardashian sister recently disclosed with her followers on her Instagram story that she suffered a shoulder injury in recent times.

“I broke my shoulder and tore my tendon so I’ve been out of the gym a few weeks but I’m back,” she told fans as she reunited with her personal trainer, Melissa Alcantara.

Refusing to let the injury hold her back, she said: “Melissa had the same thing happen to her, so we’re starting our rehabbing today and our workouts ’cause I’ve got to get back in the gym.”

The SKIMS founder has been updating her followers on her recovery and last week shared a snap while enjoying some time out on the lake.

“Wish I could have wake surfed but my shoulder is still out of commission,” she wrote.

However, a number of people are suspicious and have taken to Reddit to deliberate on the KKW founder’s shoulder trauma following the pictures taken outside Dr. Diamond’s office.

The thread entitled: ‘Kim Broke Her Shoulder!!’  has garnered a few unfounded opinions.

One wrote: “She would be wearing a sling for a couple weeks at least for the tendon. She wouldn’t need a personal trainer as much as a physical therapist.”

“I broke my shoulder before and that s*** HURTS. Also I couldn’t function without my sling as any movements for like 6 weeks were excruciating. Me thinks she had some work done and is using this as an excuse,” another stated.

Meanwhile, others have come to the The Kardashians star’s defence, “If this is a cover up to a plastic surgery story wouldn’t she have posted about it for weeks instead of randomly talking about it in passing like it’s a sprained ankle smh.”

Another said they had a similar injury and Kim’s positioning matches up: “I fell in a super weird way and this happened to me. Nothing was visible, it just hurt like hell! This would explain why she was holding her arm over her stomach when she walked.”