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06th Jan 2020

Brian McFadden reveals that his proposal to Danielle Parkinson didn’t go to plan

Olivia Hayes

It ended up being very spur of the moment.

Brian McFadden has opened up about his proposal to Danielle Parkinson. The former Westlife star said it didn’t exactly go to plan and he ended up doing it at an after party.

The pair did a cover shoot and interview with OK! Magazine, with Brian explaining: “Our original plan was to do it on Christmas Day.

“I was going to give Danielle a box with a note inside saying ‘Call Molly’ and then Molly would ask Danielle to marry me, but we got bored of that idea. Molly is brilliant at keeping secrets, Lilly isn’t.”

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Instead, they were at a penthouse for a party after one of his gigs. Brain continued: “After the gig, I’d booked the penthouse suite at our hotel and arranged a party up there.

“That’s when I said to Danielle’s mum and dad, ‘I’m not doing it now, I’ll just do it on Christmas morning with the ring’. But I wanted all her family and friends to be there so I thought, ‘F**k it, I’ll do it now’,” he said.

The couple also revealed that they have been trying for a baby recently.

“It’s something we both really want. I’m 40 in April and Danielle will be soon. It hasn’t happened yet but it’s a lot of fun trying.”

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