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13th Sep 2019

This video shows us why Dublin pubs are the best for a post-work pint

Dublin pubs

Brought to you by LVA and Guinness

Work is out and we know where we’re heading.

The workday has ended and you’re exhausted. What you need is some good company to cheer you up and a good old pint to relax with. Yes, we’re talking after-work drinks.

Is there anything better really? We don’t think so. The idea of meeting up with the crew keeps you going for the workday and a pint is the perfect way to relax when it ends. Even better if you’re grabbing a bite to go alongside it.

This LVA and Guinness video shows us exactly why we love organising all of those after-work meetups and why Dublin pubs are the perfect places to head. Recognise any of these much-loved spots?

There’s something comforting about heading to “the usual place”. You don’t have to make a big deal out of it, this happens all the time – you’re only popping down the road sure. This is the easy way for everyone to get together for a chat to relax and unwind.

Most people have their usual haunts that they head to, or a pub that they love to hit up when they’re nearby. Where is your favourite Dublin pub?

Like the video says, it doesn’t matter the type of day you’ve had, what the weather is looking like, or what day of the week it is. What matters is the people who are there. It’s that feeling you get when, no matter where you are in the city or no matter what you feel like munching on with your pint, the perfect place is just around the corner.

There are so many great Dublin pubs to choose from. So relax. Take each workday as it comes with the knowledge that Guinness Time isn’t too far away.

Brought to you by LVA and Guinness