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08th Jul 2024

Her Wedding: Should strangers get a plus one?


Her Wedding

Celebrating the marriage of our loved ones is a joyous occasion, but it’s also an expensive one

Depending on what a couple’s ‘dream day’ looks like, planning a wedding requires copious amounts of time, energy, and money.

From venues to catering, after splashing out on an engagement ring, the costs keep coming and they don’t stop.

For a future bride and groom, being surrounded by our nearest and dearest is paramount on the list of to-do’s when saying ‘I do’, and fitting them all in is a necessary expense.

However, for those attending nuptials of loved ones in this day and age, it also comes with a pretty hefty price tag.

While the expense is one we normally don’t mind paying to celebrate the betrothed when we know and love them, when it comes to invitations to weddings where you feature as an anonymous plus-one, the generosity may start to wane.

While the majority of us love love, when do plus-one’s start to not make sense?

Honestly, if we all had the time, energy, and money, we would have a box of tissues and our dancing shoes on for every single wedding we receive an invite to.

Sadly, this isn’t the case, which begs the question: “Should the ‘plus-one’ tradition peeled back a tad?”

We took to the streets of Dublin to get your opinions

It seems the subject of plus ones is something many people have given extra thought to, both within the bridal party and those who find themselves on the guest list.

For the most part, many agree that there are many factors to consider when perfecting a wedding guestlist, which results in a stranger making their way onto it.

“It depends how close they are,” one person said, “if I knew them, I would.”

“If they felt strongly enough about it, I probably would,” another shared.

“If you want your closest friends there and if they have a partner, even though I haven’t met them, I want them to be there, obviously. It depends on budget though,” a third said.

Meanwhile, one passerby was firm on the decision that a ‘stranger’ shouldn’t have any place at such a personal and intimate event as a wedding.

“No. I think if you haven’t met them, they shouldn’t be at your wedding,” they said.

What are your thoughts? Let us know.