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21st Nov 2023

Mr. Price is selling Oodie dupes for less than €13


Adding this Oodie dupe to my never-ending Black Friday shopping list

Has anyone else got a shopping list as long as their arm for Black Friday?

There are some deals we just can’t get enough of and Mr. Price has won us over with their winter warmer offer.

The retailer is selling Oodie dupes for a fraction of the cost and we’re swiping them up before the colder weather settles in.

The hooded blankets come in a range of colours and styles, but we’ve got our eyes on the pink one.

Mr. Price has a range of kids and adult hooded blankets starting from as little as €7.49.

The Oodie dupes are ideal for the cosy season.

They’ll keep you nice and toasty throughout the winter but at a fraction of the price.

The hoodie blankets range in price and start at €7.49-€8.99 for kids hoodie blankets and €9.99-€12.49 for a range of colours and styles of adult hoodie blankets.

If you have a friend who is always complaining about being freezing then this is the gift for them.

It is also perfect for Kris Kindle or for one of your younger siblings.

Now, can I get away with wearing one of these to the shops?