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15th Aug 2019

Fashion designer Aoife McNamara on how interning was the best thing she did for her career

aoife mcnamara

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Getting started in any career can be tricky, but the fashion industry has to be one of the hardest.

It’s one of those industries that is cut throat, with thousands looking to make a name for themselves.

So, when you’re leaving college, and looking to set off on a life in the fashion industry, where do you start?

Well, according to Limerick fashion designer, Aoife McNamara, interning can be the key to success, she’s on this week’s Girls With Goals and gives some crucial advice about getting stuck in to a notoriously difficult industry.

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In this day and age, internships are more popular than ever.

They allow young hopefuls to throw themselves into an industry and really learn first hand about what goes on.

Sure, there are issues – the lack of payment being the biggest one for most interns, but you do learn a lot.

I actually spent the best part of 2 years interning myself, before starting my first official full time job.

And at the time, I was pretty exhausted (and very broke), but I learned more than I could have imagined.

For Aoife McNamara, the experience was similar.

The designer spent a number of years interning before setting up her own fashion business.

Amazingly, she worked for THE Marc Jacobs (we’re impressed).

Chatting on Girls With Goals this week, Aoife shared a pretty wild story about her run in with Marc as an intern.

“So, I was running for the lift,” she explained.

“I pressed the button and I didn’t know he was in there before. I nearly DIED. I was like OMG.”

“He literally just blew his cigarette and looked at me.”

She continued: “I literally felt like getting out of the lift and taking the stairs.”

“It was literally just me and him in the lift, and I was just like… oh sorry…”


To hear more about Aoife’s incredible journey in the fashion industry, listen here now!

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