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24th Jun 2019

QUIZ: Tell us your holiday habits and we’ll tell you what kind of packer you are

Anna Daly


Brought to you by Sudocrem. 

It’s holiday time.

Who’s already gone on theirs? Who’s about to leave? And who hasn’t even booked their flights yet?

We all have different holiday habits. Some of us like those hot, sunny escapes, while some of us want a cultural getaway to a country we’ve never visited before.

Everybody’s different and, depending on the type of person you are, you probably have a pretty unique way of packing. So we’re going to try and guess which type of packer you are because why not?

No matter what type of packer we are, we all love those little must-haves that can save you in multiple situations, with one of those being our beloved Sudocrem.

Really, Sudocrem’s Antiseptic Healing Cream has always been there for us, to rub on our cuts and bruises when we were little, to soothe our acne when we were teenagers, and to ease the soreness of our sunburn as adults. It even stops chafing, it’s good for dry skin, and it helps spots. Seriously, it’s great for any of life’s little emergencies.

So, of course, we were always devastated when we had to leave it at home over the holidays (damn you, 100ml limit). I mean, we get spots on holiday too (to our absolute devastation).

Sudocrem heard our cries though because they have a super handy 15g travel tub for all of those little holiday emergencies and you can even bring it with you even when you’re not checking in a bag (hurrah!). So don’t worry, ladies, you can enjoy your sunny hols in the knowledge that you will be able to soothe and protect your skin on the go.

But now, let’s find out what kind of a packer you are.

Brought to you by Sudocrem.

Whether planning a fun city break or a lush retreat – packing a bag for a trip can be a stressful experience. Sudocrem wants to help the Irish nation pack smarter and lighter this summer, with the ideal travel companion – a smaller, more convenient 15g pot – which is the perfect size to fit into travel bags to sooth, protect and restore skin on the go. Like Sudocrem on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, or visit their website for more information.