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21st Feb 2024

Parnell Square stabbing: Young girl injured in attack moved out of ICU

Kat O'Connor

The victim of the Parnell Square attack has been in hospital since November

The family of a young girl who was seriously injured in the Parnell Square stabbing has shared a new update.

They confirmed that she is out of the ICU after being re-admitted to ICU at the end of January.

Thankfully, the schoolgirl is back on a regular ward and her family has praised her for being so strong.

In an update on GoFundMe, they said that she is a fighter.

“We are back on the ward and almost over this bump in the road.

“Our little angel is a fighter and we are sure she will come out victorious,” they shared.

Her family added, “We wouldn’t be here had it not been for everyone on that day who gave her a fighting chance.

“We are forever grateful. And we are also grateful to everyone who has been dedicating their energy, day in and day out, to her and us,” they said.

Her loved ones promised to share more updates in due course.

The young girl was readmitted to ICU at the end of January, but her family remained hopeful that she would recover.

At the time, they wrote: “We had a bit of a setback and are currently in the ICU once more. Bumps in the road, particularly this long one, are to be expected. Nevertheless, we are still positive and hoping to get back on the ward.”

We’re keeping the young girl and her family in our thoughts during this distressing time.