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30th May 2017

Parents could cut children out of will under new inheritance law

Anna O'Rourke

A change of law could allow parents to cut children out of their will.

This would mean they would not be ‘morally obliged’ to leave anything to their kids when they die.

The new law has been proposed by the Law Reform Commission, which wants to ensure older people look after themselves first rather than save for the next generation.

The Commission has argued that older people are now living longer and have fewer offspring to look after them, according to Breaking News.

Under the current law, children who are unhappy with a parent’s will could challenge it on the grounds that their parent failed in their “moral duty” to provide for them.

The new law would mean children would still be able to challenge it in court, but it would be a more difficult case to win as the new law would mean an end to the idea that children are automatically entitled to an inheritance.