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05th Jul 2012

Brave Little Boy Gets the All-Clear

We love happy news stories, and this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

We make no secret of the fact that we love happy news stories here at Headquarters. We enjoy reading inspiring, positive stories that make us grin and remind us that there are some truly awesome people in the world.

One of these awesome people is Leo Dennehy, an 8 year old from Cork. We think Leo is one of the bravest kids around and, after you hear his story, we think you’ll be inclined to agree with us.

The Irish Daily Star reports today that little Leo has finally been told that he is officially cancer-free. Amazing news, right? This comes after Leo endured a gruelling nine months of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

Leo, who appeared on the Late Late Toy Show back in December, was diagnosed last September with medulloblastoma – a type of brain cancer that affects young people. His parents, Billy and Marie, were initially told that little Leo would only have a 60/40 chance of surviving.

Speaking about Leo’s miraculous recovery, his parents dubbed him as their “miracle boy.”

“We are absolutely delighted. It’s so hard to put into words how we feel, we never thought we would see this day,” said Billy, Leo’s Dad.

Billy also expressed his thanks to the doctors that treated Leo and to RTE and, specifically, Ray D’Arcy – who made Leo’s dream of appearing on the Late Late Toy Show a reality last year.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Star yesterday, Ray D’Arcy praised Leo: “He’s a little fighter and we are delighted we could help him,” he said.

Leo, you are an absolute inspiration and we wish you all the best!