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07th May 2018

This could be the reason why kids don’t like you

Sorry to tell you...

Olivia Hayes

There’s always one.

Whether it’s your young cousin, the neighbour’s kid or your friend’s daughter, for some reason, there’s always a kid that won’t like you.

You try to make them giggle, play with them and give them yummy food – but no, they’re pretty set in their dislike for being around you.

Whether they cry, scream or are just grumpy, it can be pretty awkward… and you often wonder to yourself why?

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Well, it turns out that children’s perceptions of a person’s trustworthiness is linked to how attractive they think you are.

A recent study, published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, presented 200 adults and children with pictures of men.

The men’s faces remained neutral and both groups were asked to rate them on attractiveness as well as trustworthiness.

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The researchers found that attractiveness and trustworthiness corresponded with each other, meaning that the more a child found you to be good looking, the more they trusted you.

So, the next time a kid screams in your face, they just don’t find you very appealing…