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08th Apr 2019

This is the average amount spent on a wedding in Ireland… and it’s shocking

The boom may be back, but would you spend this much?!

What would you do with €26,000?

We could think of lots of different things to drop that kind of cash on but it seems that for many people, it’s the perfect amount of money for a wedding.

The average amount Irish couples spend on their big day is now €26,015, up from last year’s average of €24,427.

That increase of €1,588, or 7 per cent, is surefire sign that the boom is back.

Among the things we spend that €26,015 on, a couple’s venue is statistically the most expensive.

The amount Irish couples spend on their weddings is on the rise

The latest figures from WeddingsOnline show that in Ireland, the average spend on a wedding venue is €12,413, close to half their overall budget.

When it comes to that venue, hotels are still the most popular choice. Two thirds (67 per cent) of Irish couples hold their reception at a hotel, while almost 19 per cent opt for a country house and 9 per cent splash out on a castle.

Getting glam on the big day also eats up a big chunk of the Irish couples’ wedding funds.

The amount Irish couples spend on their weddings is on the rise

The average spend on a wedding dress in Ireland is €1,787, plus €726 for bridesmaid dresses.

Add in €368 for makeup, €313 for hair and €1,068 on suits for the groom and groomsmen and that’s a total average of €4,262 on grooming and outfits for the bridal party.

The wedding band is also one of the most expensive parts of the event, costing an average of €2,019, while couples spend much less (€434) on a DJ.

Capturing the big day also prove costly – an average of €1,597 is spent on the photographer and €1,283 on the videographer.