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23rd Aug 2017

People are taking shoe selfies to all time highs… Literally

Not for the faint hearted..

Denise Curtin

How far would you go to get the perfect picture of your shoes?

Because if your answer is thousands of feet into the air, well your in luck.

An aerial photography company based in New York, is now giving tourists the ride of their life by leaving them dangle their feet out of a helicopter to snap shoe selfies over famous landmarks.

The group called FlyNYON is helping adrenaline junkies and shoe lovers alike to create one of a kind photographs from above NYC.

Paul GaNun of FlyNYON said in a statement, “We fly with the doors off so you really get a unique perspective of the city and get to shoot pictures unobstructed.”

“Looking down from a helicopter through a lens taking pictures of a great city like New York with the wind in your hair is just fantastic” he added.

The flight lasts 20-30 minutes in which you are harnessed in for your safety while you snap to your hearts content.

Flight packages start from €253 ($299) and are most certainly not for the faint hearted.