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24th Apr 2019

Here is why you need to be VERY careful when bringing your sex toys abroad

Check before you fly.

Denise Curtin

Before you fling your vibrator into your bag and head to departures, take a second to think of where you’re going.

Why I’m saying this is because it could save you humiliation, a vast fine and lastly, even imprisonment if you’re caught with a sex toy while entering a country that well, er… doesn’t view them the same way we do.

And sex toy manufacturers are WELL aware of this common occurrence, so much so that one maker, Carvaka, has issued a warning to all holiday-goers ahead of their holidays. He stated on his site:

“We know how much people get attached to their sex toys and so when it comes to heading off on holidays, it can be difficult to think about a week or even a fortnight away from them.

“However, with a number of countries imposing outright bans on vibrators and dildos, it’s important that people are informed before they travel in order to prevent any issues at the point of entry to the country.”

And it’s as simple as that, do your research or ditch the dildo, the consequences are not worth it.

And it isn’t just the obscure countries that impose these strict bans, top honeymoon destination, the Maldives bans pornography and yep, you guessed it, even sex toys fall under that bracket for them. Musthafa Hussein, was jailed for six months for possessing them last year in this top destination according to The Daily Star.

Other places with strict laws on the possession of sex toys include Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, where your toys will be seized as they are seen as “obscene objects” and you could be fined.

Vietnam and India are another two countries who have a ban against sex toys, so it is important that you’re aware and respect other countries’ laws before entering them to prevent any issues with the authorities.