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03rd Apr 2017

This Irish mammy’s reaction to an April Fools prank is priceless

“You bitch!”

You’re probably nearly full to the teeth with April Fool’s Day pranks at this stage (well, it is Monday), and we can’t really blame you, some of them do get rather tiresome.

But, before you close your mind off to watching another one, we urge you to give this effort from Balgriggan a quick watch. Not for the prank itself, but for the reaction of the mother when she realises she’s been fooled.

Emma Cannon visits her parents house every Saturday for lunch, and while there she gets tormented by her grandfather, Jackie, every week for another great-grandchild.

He’s joined in the cajoling by Emma’s mother, Sandra and grandmother, Esther.

Emma, decided to play a little prank on them to convince them she was with child, which sucks them in hook, line and sinker.

But when the truth is revealed, Sandra does not take the news well… “You fookin’ bitch!”