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09th Aug 2017

‘Stuck in the bottom of the pit’: Millionaire buys teen her own home

She's so delighted!

Olivia Hayes

What an act of kindness.

A millionaire, who slept on park benches as a child, has bought an 18-year-old mother her very own home.

Marco Robinson, a property developer in the UK, decided to buy a three bedroom apartment for mum-of-one, Holly, after he heard her story.

Holly became pregnant with her daughter Bethany after she took medication which stopped her contraceptive pill from working.

She ended up living in a flat with no running water and mold on the walls.

She said: “I am stuck in the bottom of the pit and I can’t climb out. No one’s giving me a ladder.”

Holly took part in Marco’s documentary on Channel 4, Get A House For Free, and during filming, Marco said he could relate to the 18-year-old’s story, as he used to sleep rough as a child.

Marco explained: “There’s so many people who can’t afford a house, don’t have any money, haven’t got a job. Through no fault of their own a lot of people.

“I’ve dreamt about this for a long time, for years and years to give somebody something of this magnitude.”

He told Holly: “I want you and Bethany to have a solid place to live. A home. I want you to get out there and better yourself.

“You’ll be able to go to college. This property is yours Holly. It’s in your name, it’s all yours.”

Clearly emotional, Holly began crying and said: “There’s no words for this. I’m so happy not just for my sake but for Bethany so I can give her a future. I can give her stability.”

More than eight thousand people applied to be on the show for a chance to win the home, and in the end, it was whittled down to three people; Holly, partially-sighted Jo, and a Syrian refugee Mahmood, who is waiting to seek asylum in the UK.

After meeting all three and hearing their stories, Marco decided to give the apartment to Holly.

However, Jo and Mahmood’s stories didn’t end there.

At the end of the show, the Marco revealed that he decided to give Jo a deposit for her own house, and gave Mahmood a place to live while he waited on being granted asylum.