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31st Oct 2017

Beauty pageant contestants give feminist facts instead of body sizes

This is brilliant

Olivia Hayes

This is brilliant.

The majority of beauty pageants usually centre around women’s looks… what they weigh and how good they look in a bikini.

Also in many pageants, the women have to announce their body measurements to the crowd of onlookers, which frankly, is a bit ridiculous. Who cares what size you are and what you weigh?

It’s about what you do in this world that counts.

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However, a pageant in Peru changed things up a bit over the weekend when the contestants announced feminist facts to the audience instead of their body sizes.

The facts were pretty distressing, and were definitely an eye opener.

One contestant, Luciana Fernandez, announced this as her ‘measurements’: “My name is Luciana Fernández and I represent the city of Huánuco, and my measurements are, 13,000 girls suffer sexual abuse in our country.”

While another said: “My name is Camila Canicoba and I represent the department of Lima. My measurements are 2,202 cases of femicide [women murdered because of their gender] were reported in the last nine years in my country.”

However, it wasn’t just the measurements section that changed, it was the entire theme of Miss Peru 2018. All of the women taking part wanted to highlight the extent of the violence against women in the country.