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01st May 2017

You Should Really See a Doctor: The doctors are back and looking for new patients

Have you got some health issues that you’re worried about? Well, then You Should Really See a Doctor

The RTE One medical series is back again, and Dr Pixie McKenna and Dr Phil Kiernan will be popping up at clinics across the country to answer all your ailing questions.

So, if there’s been something you’ve been meaning to get checked, or something that you had hoped would go away on it’s own but hasn’t, why not make an appointment with the doctors?

They want to hear from anyone who’s been putting off a trip to their GP, or who hasn’t been able to get the answers they’re looking for, and everything in between.

And for those of you who have been a happy Web MD patient for far too long (we’re all guilty), Dr Pixie and Dr Phil are particularly interested in hearing your story.

Whether it’s a new problem or something that’s been bothering you for years, fill out the application form here for your chance to get the answers you’re looking for.