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10th May 2018

Period parties are coming to Ireland… but would actually attend one?

OK, we're on the fence on this one.

Melissa Carton

From growing up watching a lot of American TV, it became clear to me very quickly that they only love to throw a party.

Yup, gender reveals, bridal showers, baby showers… you name it they’ve got a cake for it.

Quite a few of these, particularly gender reveal parties and baby showers, have started to cross The Pond and become a regular feature here on home-soil.

And the latest US-import incarnation? Period parties…

That’s right, a party solely dedicated to celebrating the fact that your daughter/cousin/little sister has gotten her first period.


Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great to put a positive spin on something that all women go through, but I also think most of us would have been absolutely mortified if our mums had invited family and friends around to have a cuppa and celebrate our newly found womanhood.


In saying that, having a daughter myself I don’t want her to feel embarrassed about her period. As a teenager I always felt like I couldn’t even mention the word ‘period’ at home and asking for sanitary products was usually done in hushed tones.

Now as an adult I don’t feel the need to hide the fact that I am a woman with normal bodily functions anymore, but it took some time to get there.

Period parties may seem over the top but like with most things in life there are pros and cons. While I think having a super sweet 16th for your menstrual cycle is a tad much, a mother sharing in an important part of her daughter’s development is a great idea.

Really it’s the middle ground that we’re looking for. No shame… but no uterus-shaped piñatas either.

When it seems like your daughter will soon be reaching destination cramp town any day now there are other ways to help ease her into this new stage of her life: put together a handy hamper with sanitary products, chocolate, painkillers, a hot water bottle and a few other little pick me ups to get her through her first period without feeling like she’s alone in it.

Young women being educated on their bodies and women’s health in general is extremely important and I would encourage any mother to see her daughter through this time helpfully and with great understanding (hey, we’ve all been there!).

Just maybe forgo the party poppers…