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12th Jun 2019

Deadly bacteria in dog bowls puts both animals and owners at risk

How often do you clean your animal's food and water bowls?

Denise Curtin

How often do you clean your animal’s food and water bowls?

Because if you’re in the majority of people, the answer is not enough.

A new study from Hartpury University has released its findings which note that E.coli, salmonella and MRSA were found lurking in many animal dishes and bowls.

Speaking to the Metro on this study, Animal Science Lecturer Aisling Carroll said:

“It is clear from our study that dog water bowls pose a disease risk to both human and animal health.

“Our research suggests the significant increase of bacteria found in dog water bowls with length of use demonstrates the need for suitable cleaning regimes. We found the highest amount of bacteria in plastic bowls over time, but the most harmful bacterial species, including E.coli and MRSA, were most frequently identified in the ceramic bowls.”

Aisling notes that increasing contact between pets and owners is likely to make this problem even worse if correct maintenance and care isn’t adhered to.


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Having a constant cleaning schedule and opting for stainless steel bowls over plastic and ceramic is also a step in the right direction to make sure you nor your furry friend falls sick.