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22nd Mar 2020

#SocialDistancing: Missing being active? Now you can do live Platinum Pilates classes online every day

Starting to feel like you miss moving your body with all this staying home and social distancing?


However, I know what I am doing this coming week to remedy that.

Irish Reformer and Physiotherapy company Platinum Pilates is now offering daily online classes streamed live via its website, and with classes ranging from Total Body Conditioning, Stretch & Flow, Prenatal Pilates to Breathworks and Stress Relief Pilates.

I don’t know about you, but I think that sounds like the perfect way to not only beat cabin fever, but also work on my fitness and flexibility these next few weeks.

Even better? The classes are taught by some of the most experienced industry leaders with additional skills beyond your average fitness class, and each class incorporates Pilates, Franklin Method & Gyrotokinesis which make them unique.

Clients book in for a class as usual but sign up for online classes at Clonskeagh and then, receive an email invite to join the class.

“You don’t have to leave home to stay connected, and you don’t have to lose the strength you have built up at Pilates classes,” said Milena Jaksic, founder and owner of Platinum Pilates.

“And right now, you don’t have to feel stressed and unable to manage all the uncertainty. We are here daily with online classes, and here for our Pilates tribe always.”

Ready to move your body, get stronger and more flexible?

You can find out more here.