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01st Mar 2022

Lynsey Bennett shares hopeful health update following test results

“This would indicate I am responding to all I am doing.”

Lynsey Bennett, who was one of the many women who were affected by the CervcialCheck scandal in Ireland, has shared a hopeful update after receiving positive test results regarding her tumour markers.

Taking to Instagram, Bennett explained that given the ongoing situation in Ukraine, she wanted to keep the good news to herself for a while.

She then explained that recent test results indicate that her tumour markers are at a “normal range for a healthy person”.

In a post on Instagram, she wrote: “With everything that’s going on in the world I haven’t posted until now…. I got some good news near the end of last week.”

She went on: “Amazingly my tests results came back and my CA 125 tumour markers are at a 25.3 (…) which anything under 35 is brilliant and normal range for a healthy person.

“This would indicate that I am responding to all I am doing.”

Lynsey is currently undergoing treatment in Germany. In the same social media post, she explained that this weekend she was “let loose” to do some “exploring”.

Last month, she reflected on a hysterectomy she underwent a few years ago, and how her perception on the procedure has changed since.

After revealing that she initially felt like “damaged goods”, Lynsey went on to share how she now understands that her hysterectomy doesn’t define her. In a candid post, she explained that she now sees it as just a part of who she is.

She wrote: “It’s not the only thing that makes me and even though it’s hard to remember especially on extremely tough days I try to remember to live and smile and be grateful for the parts of me that still have a chance to be happy in life.”