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17th Aug 2021

Lynsey Bennett concerned upcoming scan may leave her without treatment options

The 33 year-old shared her concerns on Instagram.

Irish cervical cancer campaigner Lynsey Bennett has expressed doubts over an upcoming scan, and is worried its results may mean she’ll have fewer treatment options available.

Bennett is due for a scan which will indicate whether or not she’ll be able to continue using Pembro, a drug which has helped treat her cancer to date.

Earlier this summer, doctors discovered a clot in Lynsey’s lungs. At the time, however, she wasn’t concerned, as it seemed Pembro was shrinking her tumour. The mum of two now awaits the upcoming routine scan to see if she’ll be able to continue undergoing the treatment.

On Instagram, Lynsey explained that the results of the scan will impact her ability to leave Ireland and travel for treatments.

She said: “I’ll have to to get a scan and if the scan isn’t good that means there’s nothing left in Ireland. And then, with the clots, I can’t really be getting on any planes. It has just put me in bad form.”

Lynsey also recently reiterated her hopes to live to see her children grow up.

The 33 year-old shared a picture of her daughter on her eighth birthday and in caption wrote: “She has spent over half her life with a sick mummy, but yet she still loves me still hugs me and is patient when am very unwell, and when she’s not being sassy continues to make me laugh.

“How I pray to be here to see her start secondary school, and that I’m here to see her become an adult.”

Lynsey Bennett was one of the many women who has impacted by the Cervical Cancer Scandal. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2017, after a series of smears failed to detect the cancer.

In February, she settled her case against the Health Service Executive in Dublin’s High Court.