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22nd Jun 2018

Win €250 cash to spend anywhere at all (thanks to Extra!)


Brought to you by Extra.

So, what would you do to get your mitts on €250?

You’re not winning the lotto, but being €250 richer sure does sound sweet! All you need to do is tell us THEE most embarrassing thing that has ever happened you in the realm of relationships and dating, AND how you overcame it.

Extra chewing gum is all about us gals having our time to shine. They want us to feel confident, independent and ready to take on the world. And we all know having minty fresh breath and a killer smile gives us that extra confidence boost we need to overcome our most embarrassing moments.


We want to know how you seized your Time To Shine. Simply tell us your embarrassing dating story and let us know how you turned it around to be in with a chance to win. (Just let it all out). Maybe you had showed up at the wrong restaurant? Maybe he told you that you reminded him of his mum?

The cringe-worthy moment can range from online relationships to the bedroom – it’s entirely up to you but most importantly, we want to know how you turned it around to come out of it looking like the queen that you are. By sharing, you might just have yourself €250 more to spend if you tell! (Hurrah!)

Brought to you by Extra.

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