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03rd Dec 2012

WIN: A Family Getaway to Fota Island Resort with Flik Flak Watches for Children [COMPETITION CLOSED]

Family time is the best. So, we've paired up with Swiss watch brand Flik Flak to offer your family the chance to win a trip to Fota Island Resort.

Family time is the best kind of time

That’s the view of Swiss watch brand for children Filk Flak, who want to give you and your family the chance to enjoy some quality time together by winning a fab trip to Fota Island Resort.

Meet Flik and Flak…

Flik and Flak are brother and sister. Flik, the blue and white “big brother” minute hand, takes 1 minute to move from one number to the next. Flak, the little girl, is the hour hand that should be read first (ladies first); then Flik, the older brother, indicates the minutes. Flik is taller and older than Flak and, of course, he can walk faster. He moves around the 60 minute dial while his little sister, Flak, moves more slowly on her short legs, stepping forward one little hour at a time! They run behind each other, every step they make indicating the time.

Flik was born on 17th May 2001, loves action movies and soccer while his sister Flak was born 29th May 2004, loves pop music and ice cream! 

Flik Flak Learn With Me Watches

Flik Flak is the only Swiss watch made especially for children, designed to help your little ones learn to tell the time. Flik Flak watches are water resistant, shock proof and amazingly – machine washable at 40º C! 

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So to celebrate the precious time spent with family, we’ve paired up with Flik Flak to offer you the chance to win a fab 2 night stay for a family of four (two adults and two children) in the gorgeous Fota Island Resort, as well as a Learn with Me for Girls and Learn with Me for Boys watch.


Family fun: We’ve got a fab trip to Fota Island Resort to give away with Flik Flak

To win, just answer the simple question below – good luck!