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05th Oct 2017

Gin pong has arrived and it’s the game we need ASAP

Perfect for any party!

Let the games be-gin.

Who would of thought that gin, a simple spirit around for decades, actually CENTURIES to be exact (first made in the 17th century in Holland) would become such a firm favourite in the hearts of many in recent years.

I first tried gin in 2015 and now I feel like a ginspert forever changing it up, adding a wedge of cucumber, berries of course and the odd elderflower tonic… when the notions are high.

And since I am not the only one, the whole world is going a bit gin crazy at the moment, wait until you see the latest toy.

Introducing gin pong, the game that is certainly going to make parties great again.

Now the game is pretty straight forward, it’s the exact same as beer pong but with prettier glasses because who wants to use big college red cups anyways.

Available on from next week for €16.00.

This could be the perfect gift for any gin lover underneath the tree.