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22nd Sep 2014

Jesus, Mary And Joseph… Barbie Just Got The Ultimate Makeover

Prepare for some disapproving tutting...


Whether it was Barbie, Ken or her kid sister Chelsea, everyone fought over the fashionable accessories to bag each Christmas.

We know we weren’t the only ones to rock Barbie’s Camper Van or the Pull-Pop and Play House.

Well, Barbie just got a makeover… and it’s pretty special.

Long gone is the waist blonde hair and it’s been replaced with an outfit and accessories you’re more likely to spot in the Christmas nativity crib.

Two Argentinian artists have just given the famous doll and boyfriend Ken a very religious makeover.

Marianela Perelli and Pool Paolini created a set of boxed dolls designed to represent religious figures and are set to display the results in an exhibition In Buenos Aires on 11 October.

Called Barbie, The Plastic Religion – the collection will host 33 dolls which will represent figures from Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam.

We’re not sure how the parish priest will feel about this…

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