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18th Jun 2013

Awkward Pregnancy Photos: Sometimes You Just Need To Put Down That Camera

We don't know what they were thinking

So you’re pregnant and you want to document the experience, the love and the joy of going through the motions. Lovely. Everyone is happy for you and it’s a special time.

But that doesn’t mean you have to really go all out in your brief time as a pregnancy model!

Baby won’t thank you in future, but in the meantime you have provided the Internet with some solid gold.

Here, we salute these brave parents to be for some of the most creative/disturbing photoshoots we’ve ever seen….

1) Branching out…

Can’t really explain this one. Perhaps a certain affinity with nature?

2) Daddy love

We suppose this is kinda cute, excluding the slightly creepy forest and barbed wire fence.

3) Showing shapes

Nothing like showing off some skin though maybe this is overdoing it a bit.

4) Clowning around

Does anyone else think that this suggest some sort of kidnap?

5) Clinging on

Just. Don’t. Understand.

6) Animal lovers

We don’t even want to imagine how the baby was conceived.

7) Flower power?

Don’t worry, we don’t have an explanation either.

8) Bump to bump

Can you feel the love?

9) One with nature

No seriously.

10) The superhero family

Images via Awkward Family Photos and World Wide Web

We have no more words.