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02nd Sep 2018

Want your other half’s FACE on your knickers? Well then I’ve some news for you

Hiya hunny.

Denise Curtin

Do you feel your underwear is lacking something?

Like eh, I don’t know, the face of your lover?

I hope this isn’t actually what you were thinking but nevertheless, I have some news for you.

Never again will you have a dull undies day thanks to a company called Firebox , who are actually printing pics of your bae’s face and sticking them right on the crotch.

Yep, all you have to do is upload two pictures of their face (in good quality against a white background) and then pick the pair of briefs or boxers you’d like the picture on and VOLIA, en route to you via mail is some underwear with your partners face. Delightful.

Alternatively, you can put your own face on a pair of briefs and give them to your partner as a way of reminding them how eh, important you are?

Here’s how Firebox describe it:

“They also make the perfect gift for a loved one when you’re not around; whether you want to see them as a warm and comforting presence or a passive-aggressive alternative to a chastity belt – your gorgeous face warding off persistent sexual intruders.”

Yeah, so there you have it. Creepy or cute it’s really up to you to decide and these are certainly a present that will draw attention, that’s for sure.

You can purchase the M-Y Fronts here and read all the glowing reviews too (they are actually all really positive, this isn’t sarcasm… on this occasion).