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12th Nov 2019

The Sonic the Hedgehog trailer is here (again) – and it’s a lot better, tbf

Jade Hayden

Ask, and you shall receive.

Or, you’ll at least ensure that Paramount’s production team spends an incredible amount of time redesigning a fast, blue hedgehog to keep everybody happy.

Either way.

Earlier this year, the trailer for the live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie was released.

It was a trailer full of fast animals, stupid humans, and saving the world – and although all of those things are inherently good, the trailer was not well received.

Partly because many people are not massive fans of seeing their childhood cartoon heroes reimagined for a new, younger audience.

But mainly because Sonic, the beloved Hedgehog, looked like this.

Yeah. You get it.

The backlash, however, was seemingly so severe that Paramount decided to go ahead and redesign the entire movie just to keep people happy.

And in fairness to them, they appear to have nailed it.

The new trailer, as below, depicts a softer Sonic, a more gentle Sonic, a Sonic that wouldn’t attack you in an alley way and steal all your money, but leave your iPhone because it’s password protected anyway.

This new and improved Sonic seems like a nice guy. He seems warm, he seems intelligent, he seems like the old Sonic, but 3D instead.

Understandably, people are only delighted that the studio took the time to re-imagine Sonic’s look. Whether they’ll actually go and see the movie now, is another thing.

You can check out the new – and entirely acceptable trailer – for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie here: