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22nd May 2020

Sky is releasing a new three-part documentary about sharks that we’re ready to sink our teeth into

Anna Daly


Why do we love sharks so much?

We’ve been told all the grisly horror stories, we’ve seen Jaws (and, admittedly, all the sequels) – we’ve been told over and over that they’re the killing machines of the deep. So why are we so fascinated by them?

To be honest, growing up with Shark Week probably had a lot to do with it because who doesn’t love an exciting documentary about sharks?

So it’s safe to say we were pretty damn excited when we found out that Sky was producing a three-part documentary mini-series all about sharks and how great they are. Each of the parts is 90 minutes long, which adds up to over four hours of shark-related footage. Sounds to us like a great way to spend our time.

The doc series is called Shark with Steve Backshall and is presented by naturalist and shark expert (so cool) Steve Backshall. The natural history series will celebrate the wonder of sharks and also works to dispel all of those myths about sharks being cold-blooded killers. (When comparing how many people are killed by sharks each year and how many sharks are killed by people each year, there’s a WHOLE lot more killing on one side and it ain’t the shark.)

The series takes viewers on a global journey, from tropical coasts into the open ocean to deep down into the depths of our seas and explores what can be done to save sharks. Steve Backshall comes eye to eye with the most feared, yet most misunderstood predator and reveals them in a brand-new light.

We cannot WAIT for this.

The show is currently in production and will air on Sky’s brand new Sky Nature channel in the second half of 2020. Sky Nature is launching this Wednesday, May 27, along with the new Sky Documentaries and rebranded Sky History.

Something tells us that we will be spending a lot of time on all three of those channels.