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07th Jun 2023

Sex And The City creator breaks her silence on Samantha’s return to And Just Like That

More excited than ever for this show.

Sex and the City creator Candace Bushnell has broken her silence about Kim Cattrall’s return to the show’s spin-off And Just Like That as Samantha Jones.

Earlier this week, it was reported that there was a “cliffhanger” scene filmed for the second season of the show including Samantha.

Candace wrote the book that inspired Sex and the City, and told Page Six: “When I heard the news I was happy and surprised.

“The fans love Kim and I think it will be great for the show. There was a piece missing. She was a major part of that girlfriend circle.

“I think will be a great season. I’m happy that Kim is going to go on there. I think it’s probably the greatest thing for the show. A lot of people miss Samantha.”

According to a report from The Post, Kim’s scenes for the show have been filmed in a parking garage near Silvercup Studios in Queens, with a source on staff saying people were “definitely shocked” but “very intrigued” to see how the scene will be used.

A source told the publication: “She said she’d never do it! She said she’d never come back!

“The fact that they’re keeping it very hush-hush says that there’s some implication that she might be coming back — not this season, but it’s definitely a cliffhanger that’s gonna get people to come back for Season 3.”

The news of Kim’s return comes from Variety and is important to note as Cattrall previously announced that she was retiring from playing the character, having turned down a script for a third Sex and the City movie which wound up not being filmed.

As such, Samantha was referenced but did not appear in And Just Like That, with Cattrall written out of the sequel show.

The actress and her Sex and the City co-star Sarah Jessica Parker have also spoken publicly about the ongoing tension between them.

The second season of And Just Like That will premiere in Ireland on Monday, 22 June 2023 on Sky and NOW.


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