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21st Oct 2013

Photo Tutorial: How to Braid Your Long Hair to Resemble Gimli’s Beard from Lord of the Rings

This hair tutorial is for the truly creative. Lord of the Rings fan Marcella Clinard, has fashioned an incredibly attractive Gimli beard for herself, made entirely out of her own locks and she’s sharing the tutorial!

“I’m a female middle-school English teacher” she said.

“For Teen Read Week last week, I braided my long hair into an epic Gimli dwarf beard. I made a tutorial showing how to do it! It would be a great Halloween costume for women with long hair who know how to braid!”

gimli beard tutorial

It looks like quite a challenge but master this look and all you’ll need is a custom and fake axe. Sorted for Halloween!

Hat-Tip Boing Boing for spotting this one.