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15th Jul 2021

MTV Cribs is coming back to our screens next month

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s like Christmas has come early.

A brand new series of the MTV classic Cribs is making its return to our screens next month.

Martha Stewart, Big Sean, Rick Ross and Ashlee Simpson are all set to show off their homes on the latest series of the show, this is the reboot we’ve truly been waiting for.

Starting in the US on August 11, this show was a staple in every home during the 2000s. There was just something so fun about an getting to see how the 1% lives.

You can check out the snippet below, and if we know him well enough, that voice at the beginning sounds a lot like Scott Disick.

Cribs creator Nina L. Diaz said in a statement: “Cribs didn’t simply introduce the celebreality genre, it created a blueprint for how we engage on social media.”

Cribs first came into our hearts over 20 years ago with 13 glorious seasons, and we got to see some seriously big names’ homes during that time.

With everyone from Usher to Destiny’s Child, the show managed to get a look in at so many flashy pads, and the rooms some people had were insane to think of.

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There was even that one episode that we got a tour of the Playboy mansion, no celebrity was off limits here.

In 202o we saw an international version of the show hair with Gemma Collins and Caitlyn Jenner both starring and aired on CBS but this time, the original MTV show is back.

With so many MTV reboots now appearing on Paramount+, there is a lot more celebrities set to get on board with Cribs.

And as of right now, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and LL Cool J have all confirmed they’ll be making an appearance, this is definitely going on our watchlist.