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02nd Mar 2023

Love Island receives hundreds of Ofcom complaints following movie night

They were mostly about movie night.

Love Island has been hit with hundreds of Ofcom complaints following the show’s movie night segment.

266 people have been in touch with the media watchdog since the two episodes showing the drama aired last week, the media watchdog has revealed.

The challenge saw the islanders being shown their Casa Amor antics as well as others’ opinions of their fellow islanders being exposed.

The majority of the complaints made were about Tanya’s behaviour to Shaq and Olivia’s attitude when it came to Kai during the challege.

Following movie night, Shaq broke down in tears after Tanya’s kiss with Martin was shown on the big screen.

Shaq fumed: “So it was just a peck, yeah, and he went to kiss you? So you’re lying now?”

But Tanya refused to back down and said: “If you’re looking for something to be angry about, this isn’t it.”

“I cant lie, I feel like she’s a liar, I feel like she’s full of s**t,” Shaq later told the boys.

Olivia was also criticised for how she treated Kai, pulling him for a chat and asking why he didn’t name her as most untrustworthy in the challenge.

She said: “I was quite shocked you didn’t pick me.”

Kai then explained to her: “I just want to squash the beef, that’s it,” whilst Olivia said she felt it was a bit of a cop out: “I completely want to squash it, but you picking Claudia for me was a bit of a cop out.”

“For me it confirms that maybe you are quite fake and for me I’d much rather you’d have just said, ‘Olivia and these are the reasons why I don’t think she’s genuine,'” she told him, with many fans taking issue with her comments.

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