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28th Jul 2023

Love Island star reveals the girls knew Molly had returned to the villa during Casa Amor

A former Love Island star has shared new details on how the girls knew that Molly Marsh had returned to the villa as a Casa Amor bombshell.

The original islander made her shocking return to the villa only a week after being dumped during the Casa Amor days last month in a first for the show.

She was dumped after Kady McDermott returned to the show for a second time and chose to couple up with Zachariah Noble, leaving Molly single and vulnerable.

Now, in a Q&A on TikTok, Leah Taylor has spilled all on Molly’s return and how the girls secretly knew she was coming back the entire time.

She said: “Yes, we did. So, basically it wasn’t until the last day we were getting ready on the day that he recoupling was and we had asked for curlers.

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“Obviously we’d said all our stuff was at the main villa, so like most of the time we was there we had the Dyson and the AirWrap and the Dyson straighteners, but yeah we didn’t have actual curlers.

“A few of the girls wanted to curl their hair, so anyway we asked production to bring over some of our curlers from the main villa and instead they brought Molly’s curlers.”

Leah continued: “And we knew because we’d used them before and it had her name on.”

“I think then it kind of crossed everyone’s mind like ‘Why are Molly’s curlers here?’, because she’d bee gone for quite a bit then, so we was thinking surely like she wouldn’t have just left them at the villa the whole time.”

“That kind of like sparked everyone’s mind to think ‘Maybe Molly’s back…’ So yeah, we did have a little bit of an idea, but honestly like not until the day of the recoupling.”