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03rd Jun 2013

Latina Goddess In Talks To Become The Bond Girl For The 24th Film

The actress will reportedly film her part next year...

Playing a Bond girl is quite a prestigious part for any actress, despite the fact that you have to play second fiddle to the main man. Many a Bond lady has been defined by her role, but the possible new Bond girl has already made quite the name for herself already.

According to reports, Penelope Cruz is joining the cast of Bond 24 and is due to film her scenes next year.

The wife of former Bond villain Javier Bardem has been announced as a possible new love interest for James.

Sam Mendes, director of Skyfall, is reported to also be returning to the series. The earlier filming of next summer suggests that the new Bond will have an earlier release date, according to the Guardian.

A source reportedly told Yahoo: “The producers have tried to get Penélope before, but she has never been available because of other commitments. The discussions have been going on for some time and they are working out the contract details now.”

Cruz’s casting would also suggest that Bond is finally settling for a woman his own age. The actress, who turns 40 next year, will be the oldest Bond girl ever cast.