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04th Oct 2021

John Barrowman will not return to Dancing on Ice panel

The news comes following sexual misconduct allegations against the actor.

John Barrowman will no longer feature on Dancing on Ice judging panel, it has been revealed.

The 54-year-old has appeared as a judge on the skating show since 2019. He previously starred as a contestant in 2006, where he was eliminated in the fourth week.

The news comes after the actor was accused of sexual misconduct on the sets of BBC shows Doctor Who and Torchwood, with allegations of him exposing himself to other cast members.

In April, a 2015 video from a Doctor Who convention was unearthed, in which Noel Clarke accused John of flashing his penis to people on the set “every five minutes.”

Following the allegations, the actor told The Guardian that he engaged in “tomfoolery” on the sets of each show, but only ever intended it in good humour.

Despite dropping him from Dancing on Ice, ITV has revealed that he will still take part in the upcoming All Stars Musical specials.

A spokeswoman said: “We thank John Borrowman for two brilliant years on the Dancing on Ice panel and are pleased to be working with him again as host of the forthcoming All Stars Musical specials.”

Many people have hit back at ITV’s decision to drop the actor yet still allow him to partake in another show.

Sunday Times bestselling author Melanie Blake, who has worked with John in the past, criticised the statement.

“‘Axed’ but given another show on the same network? Before I get trolled I’ve worked on shows where he did his (according to him) ‘light-hearted flashing’. This statement says a lot about showbiz,” she wrote on Twitter.

Derry author Claire Allan also took to Twitter to express her frustration at ITV’s decision to allow the actor to partake in a new show.

“So if reports are to be believed John Barrowman has been sacked from Dancing on Ice after it was alleged he had a reputation for flashing his co-stars, going back years. But ITV are giving him another big gig? Tell me again how sex crimes damage a man’s career….”